Electric bass model accessories

- Oct 31, 2018-

The early models were black guards, and a detachable bridge cover, a single-coil pickup, and the same set of volume sound controls as TELE.

The whole piano has been manufactured, and the name is followed. LEO named the new electric bass as Precision electric bass. Precision means precision, because the character on the neck allows the bass player to control well. Pitch. Play it accurately.

Precision BASS was exhibited at the 1952 Musical Instrument Show and immediately received the attention of many musicians. Because of its small size and convenient control, FENDER Precision BASS immediately became the new favorite of bass players. FENDER later renamed the bass to 51' Precision-BASS. To commemorate its historical value. And become a member of the American FENDER CLASSIC series.

It should be pointed out that fender P bass once dominated the recording studios all over the world. Today, the electric bass brand models in the world are even more diverse. However, DOUBLE BASS has not been eliminated, even occupying quite a lot of traditional jazz bands. Unshakable status. This is because DOUBLE BASS has many features that electric bass can't match because of its unique sound structure. Therefore, electric bass is not a substitute for DOUBLE BASS, but another independent instrument derived from DOUBLE BASS.