Electric bass status

- Oct 31, 2018-

Electric bass is the highest in the band's performance and is the most important. So a band without a good bass player is not a qualified band. This conclusion - not from my personal opinion; is different from the obvious guitar and keyboard sounds of a musician who has just touched the electroacoustic band.

Before the birth of P-BASS, the band's bass player could only use the huge DOUBLE BASS. This kind of cello-like bass is very unfavorable for carrying, and it is very clumsy, and the volume of DOUBLE BASS is so small that it has to be a lot of bass players in the performance, which is very unbelievable now. In addition, DOUBLE BASS has a feature that there is no "filament" on the fingerboard, so many bass players with poor pitch are difficult to find the accurate position quickly and accurately on the fingerboard. LEO FENDER found these problems and considered what instruments to replace the huge bass.

In the 1930s, there was an electrified bass, which had no resonance box and relied on a simple pickup to get the sound. The response after the emergence of such basses was not enthusiastic, at the same time. In the 1940s, many guitarists were forced to lose their jobs due to the need of music, because the size of the band was forced to shrink due to the popularity of dance music, which led to the use of guitars that were accompaniment instruments at that time. These unemployed bass players found LEO FENDER because they felt that DOUBLE BASS was too difficult to learn. They needed an instrument that was simple and easy to learn.

In the ORANGE County of the United States, LEO FENDER happened to see the Mexican vagrant band. He suddenly discovered that a musician in the band is playing a guitar-like instrument (you can see this instrument in the movie "Mexico Past"). Great inspiration for LEO, the original bass can be played like a guitar, LEO got another kind of inspiration for a musical instrument called MANDOBASS (MANDOBASS is a mandolin-like instrument, playing style and DOUBLE BASS The same) This instrument has a sample like a guitar. Based on these conditions, LEO FENDER began to develop new electric basses.