Excellent Board Game Bag for a Happy Game

- Apr 01, 2019-


The Height bag is a very affordable bag for your board game, perfect when used to carry your board games to game night . The game night bag is slightly larger than the regular shopping bag, making it an ideal choice for a large number of games. The game size night bag is 330mm tall ,330mm wide and 520mm depth. Keep in mind that the 13 x 13 inch risk game will not stack vertically. They will have to be stacked vertically. Overall, the game night bag is cheap.

Our features

(1) Holds 5 big standard board games and then some

(2) Folds flat for easy storage

(3) Water resistant

(4) Enough stocks.

(5) affordable


Standard Large Capacity Board Game Bag

If you don't plan to pack a lot of games, or if you want to put your items neatly in a durable bag, then the Height board bag may be right for you. The Height board bag is made from 10mm thickness sponge,600D oxford and 210T nylon,and have two functions:backpack and handbag. There is always a way for you to easy the board game.The Height boatd game bags are usually equipped with additional grip handles if you have to lift your luggage .


Most importantly, the Height bag is great because no matter how much you fill - the outer dimensions won't change. This way, no matter what transportation you are taking, this bag will protect your board game intact,so that you will have a happy game night


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