Flamed Maple Wood Ukulele Online

- Mar 12, 2019-

Maple wood is hard and heavy, and the sound conductivity is more impact. It is more suitable for electric guitar neck or body. There is no variety of maple, such as bird's eye maple, flame maple, etc.

The sugar maple (also known as the hard or rockmaple) is ideal for Musical Instruments and is mainly grown in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada, but has recently been cultivated in Europe.

However, due to the wrong growth of maple in the uppan, these beautiful patterns are hard to find. The different intensity of flame veins in flame maple led to the establishment of A to AAAAA grading system. Simply put, the stronger the flame grain, the higher the level.

Flamed Maple Wood Ukulele Online

The color of the flame maple varies from light yellow to beige, with brown wavy wood lines extending lengthways through the wood fibers. This decorative wood pattern is partly genetic but can also be attributed to natural factors and sub-optimal growth conditions.

Flocculent maple is extremely rare in the flame tree trunk, existing only in the external area of the wood, and only a few centimeters to the core. These errors are rare and occur only in the United States. That should give you an idea of how rare it is.

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