Folk and bass guitar: Is it better for beginners to learn?

- Nov 30, 2019-

When someone is completely unaccustomed to learning guitar, they are not even likely to know the basic differences between folk and bass guitars. These two guitars are similar in many ways. But there are also some major differences.

The acoustic guitar is a 6-string instrument with a standard tuning of EADGBE. Its lowest pitch is adjusted to the E note (frequency is about 82 Hz), then the A note, then the D note, and so on. But in addition to understanding the notes, it is also necessary to know how the bass is related to the folk songs.

The standard bass guitar has only four strings and is slightly larger in size. Its tuning is very similar to the lowest four strings of an ordinary guitar. However, the only difference is that they adjust the entire octave on the pitch. The bass guitar strings are tuned to EADG, similar to the lowest 4 strings on acoustic guitars. But the low E on the bass is the entire octave (about 41 Hz).

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Main similarities
The bass in several ways is the same as the bass of an acoustic guitar - only two strings are missing and adjusted to a lower pitch.

Music theory, chords and scales can be used in both guitars. Therefore, both tools are directly related to each other. This is an essential part of the implementation, because many players think they should first learn any one at the beginning. There is indeed a direct correlation between the two, which makes the choice a bit nervous.

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