Four ways to save your guitar

- Nov 21, 2019-

There are 4 main ways to store your guitar when you are not playing:

In the guitar case
An easy way to keep your guitar safe from damage and to maintain moisture balance. This is a great way to keep the guitar - especially if you have a hard shell.

2. Lean on the wall or lie on the floor / sofa / bed
Many people often lean against a wall or sit on a chair or sofa - never put a guitar on the floor - but someone does. This situation is very easy to accidentally collide and damage your guitar.

3. On the wall shelf
Although it's not as safe for your guitar as it is in a box, it's much safer than leaning it against a wall or lying on the floor.

4. On the floor stand
It's easier to take out than in a guitar case, and it's much safer than putting it on a wall/sofa/bed


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