What is a pickup?

- Nov 29, 2019-

The pickup is a kind of equipment that amplifies the sound of the guitar. The acoustic guitar can only be used to receive the sound when the pickup is not installed, and then the audio is received through the microphone and then transmitted to the speaker for enlarged playback. The most criticized on-site microphone radio is "easy feedback" (that is, the sound of the microphone suddenly screaming), "the radio position is not easy to place" and "the performer is playing the wrong position with the microphone position" and so on. .....

guitar pickup

If you are the "sound first", I can only say that your budget is unlimited! If you really want the sound to the extreme, there are a few things that are absolutely necessary: "good acoustic guitar preamp", "good wire", "good pickup", "sufficient tone adjustment experience" and "one Double clean hands with details. Half of the good sounds are "money piled out"; the other half is "to pop up yourself".

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