Frequently asked questions about ukulele learning

- Mar 05, 2019-

Nowadays, there are more and more people studying ukulele. In the process of learning, problems will gradually appear. What are the common problems? Let's take a look at it! I hope to help everyone!

Common problem

1. What is better for a newcomer to buy?

Personally think that the 300 piano is more appropriate, of course, the more expensive it will be, the better. If you don't have the money, it doesn't matter if you buy a cheaper one. If you have more than 150, you can. Some people will say that more than one hundred pianos can't be played. I think this is a bit exaggerated. I think that more than 100 pianos can be used for piano.

2. What is a plywood, a single sheet, and a single sheet?

Plywood - refers to the panel, the bottom plate, the side panels are plywood

Face single piano - means that the ukulele panel is a single board

Full single piano - refers to the panel, the bottom plate, and the side panels are all single boards.

Veneer - made of original monolithic wood.

3. Is the single piano better than the plywood?

Not necessarily, the quality of the piano depends on the material and looks at the work. Of course, if you work the same, the single-board piano will be better than the plywood and will be more expensive.

4. It is better to buy a book when you are new to school.

It is generally recommended to buy a tutorial and a score set.

The tutorial book is recommended to buy "Sports Ukulele", this book has a matching video, and it is still relatively detailed.

In the episode, it is recommended to buy the singer in the "Easy to play ukulele play collection" is relatively simple, and are all four-line.

5. What are the main production woods of Ukulele? What is the difference?

Mainstream wood: Hawaiian Acacia, Taiwan Acacia, mahogany, spruce; other wood: zebra, maple, red pine, mango, rosewood

I don't know what the difference is, please ask my mother.

6. Appearance party, like color piano, can you buy it?

There seems to be no better brand in the country to do the color piano, so please buy a color piano in a treasure, please think twice.

Is it strange that a 7.1-meter 7 boy buys a 21-inch ukulele?

It’s not surprising to look at the face, it’s ok with the piano, and it’s okay with height.

How about 8.17-inch ukulele?

Super easy to go, not good to play, novice is not recommended.

18 ukulele needs to report to class? Is the class value not worth it?

It can only be said that ukulele has no major problems in self-study, but there are teachers who are more efficient. The value of the class is not worth it. It depends on how you feel about yourself. It is like that for the same thing, some people think that the value is 100, and some people think it is not worth 100. But it is not that the newspapers can learn ukulele. The key is to practice on their own. Many people will not play after they have reported the class.

9. Have you learned a guitar and then learn a small U or learn a small U and then learn the guitar?

Because the guitar and ukulele play very similarly, it would be easier to learn the guitar if you play ukulele. It is easier to play the ukulele when you play the guitar, but there is no such thing as learning It is best for Curry to learn guitar first, or to learn guitar, it is best to learn ukulele.

10. How long can you learn a song?

First of all, this is a question that varies from person to person. Some people can learn quickly, and if it's normal, it's okay for a month or three months. The people I teach can barely play in a month or so, but they don't insist on learning. Worrying.

11. Can ukulele catch up with girls (boys)?

As long as they are handsome, the boys who play the glass beads are more handsome than the boys who play the ukulele. As long as they look beautiful, the girls who play cotton are better than the girls who play ukulele.

12. Age is too small / too old to learn ukulele?

You can learn, but the learning ability of people of different ages is different. Children are more difficult to teach, and people with inflexible fingers or bad music are more difficult to teach.

13. What is the difference between Ukuleli and Ukulele?

No difference, different names for the same thing.

How old is the 14.10-year-old child?

S (21 inch) is enough

15. What is the difference between ukulele and guitar?

In appearance, the guitar has 6 strings, four ukuleles, and the guitar is much more versatile than the ukulele, and the guitar is harder to learn than ukulele.

Folk guitars use steel strings under normal conditions, while Ukulele uses nylon strings, which is similar to classical guitars. They also have a big difference in playing techniques and ranges. The folk guitar playing technique is more colorful and the range is wider. In contrast, ukulele is simple in technique, and the range is concentrated in the high-pitched area, which is suitable for playing fresh and lively music. Ukulele and folk guitars are originally two different styles. Different types of instruments, although they belong to the stringed instruments, can't be easily evaluated, and they can't distinguish between good and bad. Comparing Ukulele and acoustic guitars, it is meaningless to compare bananas and apples. They are just two different instruments.

16. Can ukulele be quick, how can it be quick?

Of course, it can be done quickly, and it takes only 10 seconds to learn ukulele. Come, show your thumb, and then pluck the string 4321. Oh yeah, you have learned to play ukulele.

17. What is the difference between ukulele in various shapes?

In addition to the difference in appearance, the individual feels that the other differences are not big, but the different shapes of ukulele have an influence on the holding of the piano, and the most convenient shape of the piano is also the traditional shape.

18. Zero basics, do you know how to learn by yourself?

19. Novices know how to break?

Everything knows what to learn.

20.23 inch playing, 26 inch fingering?

Without this conclusion, I feel a bit nonsense.

21. Is ukulele easy to learn by yourself?

Relative to other instruments, it is easier.

22. What type of piano should I buy for playing (fingerball)?

Playing the fingering and selecting the size of the piano is actually irrelevant, but according to the public choice, playing to consider C or S, fingering considering T or C

Can a 23.6-year-old child learn the piano?

It’s okay, Jake God started at the age of 4, but it’s hard to teach, and the key is interest.

It is estimated that most people are self-learning based on zero basis.

Ukulele is also highly regarded by the royal family and nobles, such as King Kalakaua, Emma Emma and Queen Liliuokalani, who have played Ukulele. As a result, Ukulele has been accepted by more Hawaiians. From fishermen, taro growers, to kings and queens, everyone loves to learn and play Ukulele. Around 1915, the Ukulele piano flew to the North American continent. Hawaiian music hit San Francisco and swept across the country, stimulating the sale of Ukulele on the North American continent. This whirlwind also swept through the Atlantic to the UK.

The huge demand of Ukulele piano led to the production of Ukulele. By 1910, among the three former Portuguese producers, only ManuelNunes was still there. The order is too large for him to cope. Young Samuel Kaialiilii Kamaka began apprenticeship with Manuel Nunes. New competitors have also joined the Ukulele piano production, which has led to the innovation of Ukulele piano design and sound quality. One of the competitors, Kumalae, opened a new factory that can produce 300 pianos per month. Despite the competition, the business is still full of orders.

In 1915, competitors from the continental United States also joined the Ukulele piano production. The Hawaiians are very angry and disappointed. Because these companies in the continental United States have carved the words made in Hawaii. The Hawaiians countered and they designed different trademarks to be protected by law. Hawaiian Ukulele piano producers are authorized to mark the words "Made in Hawaii" on Ukulele. This distinguishes the Ukulele pianos that are not produced in the Hawaiian Islands.

In the 1920s, American mainland producers, such as Gibson, Harmony, Regal, National, Dobro, and Martin, produced thousands of Ukulele pianos in large quantities. Based on the design of Manuel Nunes, Martin produced the first Ukulele in 1916. Many Hawaiians praised Martin's Ukulele, calling it the sound quality model of the Ukulele piano at the time.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the great GeorgeFormby of the United Kingdom and Arthur Godfrey of the United States continued the development of the Ukulele piano, making it still in the mainstream American instruments. Great performers like RoySmeck and Eddie Karnae continue to play Ukulele. However, by the time of the TinyTim in the late 1960s, the Ukulele piano seemed to have been forgotten in the closet at home. By the 1970s, Kamaka was the only Ukulele piano manufacturer in the world.

Today, Hawaiian music and Ukulele have re-emerged. There are many talented producers in Hawaii, and they are starting to look at the production of Ukulele. MauiMusic is a good example. His piano has a slender and beautiful body and a moving sound. He uses the abalone bone beam and the inlay to give the Ukulele a gorgeous appearance. In the production history of Ukulele, Kamaka has an important position and has stood the test of time. This is reflected in the fact that their order has been sent for twelve months.

In Hawaii, a country with a large immigrant population, Hawaii is greatly influenced by Western culture due to the cultural integration brought by immigrants. After the Spanish brought the guitar to the Hawaiian Islands, the locals became interested in it. In the 1870s, they gradually formed their own unique style. After the improvement, the small guitar used for accompanying dance was officially called Ukule. Korea.