Frequently asked questions about ukulele purchases

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. How to choose the size of ukulele?

Answer: S-type 21-inch - compact and portable, the most original model, the sound is crisp, more suitable for playing;

S lengthening - between 21 and 23 inches, with the advantages of 21 and 23, extended version 18/19 products, the character adds wider range, can play more songs; the resonance box is bigger than S, playing and Fingers and both! A friend who likes to be small but likes fingerstyles can choose this size.

C type 23 inch - moderate size, for the novice, the finger is the easiest to adapt, and the taste generally has 18 items, the playing range is higher, taking into account the 21 singing and 26 solo features, can be said to be the most practical Model, the player chooses the most one size;

T-type 26 inch - larger size, the highest order model, wider range; rich tone characteristics, medium and low bass, wide fingerboard spacing, the whole is more suitable for finger bombs;

Mahogany Concert Ukulele With Aquila Strings

2. What is the difference between different woods? What is the meaning of plywood veneers? How do I choose?

Answer:Different woods have different tone characteristics, so you can choose according to your own preferences!

“Single board” is made of natural wood, one piece is natural, and there is no interlayer in the middle of the wood; “Plywood” is made up of three boards, and the middle is made of artificial wood (hardened by high-pressure chips and powder of wood) ) Made, commonly known as plywood.

Plywood - refers to the panel, the bottom plate, the side panels are the plywood face single piano - the Ukulele panel is a veneer, the back side panel is a plywood; the full single piano - refers to the panel, the bottom plate, the side The boards are all single boards.

In the case of the same condition, that is, the same process of the same wood, the single-board piano is better than the plywood. At the same time, the quality of a piano is not measured by the plywood, veneer, and configuration. The material is important and the process is more important. An ordinary single piano is not as good as a good plywood!

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