German table games &American table games Difference (2)

- Apr 30, 2019-

The most glorious time of American board games was before the birth of "Catan ", and the accurate time was before the 1970s and 1980s.The〝DND〞was the equivalent of an American board game. However, the concept of American board game is much later than〝DND ", in this era, all players are addicted to 〝DND〞, so the supremacy of American board game is unchallenged.

The word of "American board game" first appeared in 2000.The biggest impact on the board game world was Hasbro's company purchase of Avalon Hill, which was considered a disaster by the industry at the time,and everyone felt that the industry pills, because the game published by Hasbro was more inclined to the German board game at that time.

But after that, the word "American board game" was not abandoned, but gradually do predominantly sci-fi game, then the concept of the American board game is more and more widely, role-playing game is also included in.


Features of traditional American board games:

1.It takes a long time to finish the game, and it takes 2 hours at the soonest. For example, the 〝DND〞board game can be played for half a year.


2.The rules are complex, many details require attention


3.Because the theme is clear, American board games work hard on the vision, for example, the character model is very delicate, not less than the handmade


4.The board game Plate magnificent


5.Dice determines randomness


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The representative American board games is undoubtedly〝DND〞. As a board game, DND has a huge influence on the game industry. Many role-playing games start from the background of 〝DND〞.


From the perspective of the past, the German board game and American board game is distinct, the play is different. German board games are suitable for family entertainment. Players who have just come into contact with board games can get started immediately without being out of the game. On the contrary, American board games are only suitable for deep table players. Cumbersome, unwieldy rules are extremely unfriendly to novices to board games. And if they're out in the middle, there's nothing to do but watch. It affects the experience.


But now the development of table games, the  current  German table games and the traditional German table games also have obvious differences. Now German strategy table games tend to be more and more complex and diversified due to the complex and changeable mechanism, so the game time has also started to increase. The American table games has inherited the tradition and become better and better.


It is worth mentioning that many board games now tend to be layout strategy games with role-playing elements, such as "blood rage", "Scythe" and so on. These judgments from the present point of view are a mixture of German and American, which combines the characteristics of German and American.

blood rage


At present, people like to play simple and interesting board games. Besides being suitable for killing time, the elements of social activities are more abundant. In this regard, German table games are the most successful..American board games, with its TPRG game play methods and careful strategy, also make many players unable to extricate themselves, forming a unique style.


Anyway, German table games and American table games have their own unique playing methods and rhythms, so do you prefer German table games, American table games or German-American mixed table games?

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