Get the Right Rhythm of Kalimba and You Can be the Greatest

- Mar 06, 2019-

Can you find a piece of music and start playing it right away?

If music is well grounded, that's perfectly fine.


But you're not familiar with the notation.

You have to step by step, now many public number.

There are all sorts of Kalimba music scores going around.

There are playing, playing and singing...

The question is again, how to play the melody? Don't be in such a rush to get started, the rhythm is the soul of music, so attack the rhythm first.


One, conquer the rhythm

Type out the rhythm of the whole piece. Strike a steady beat with your hands or feet. Say "da" instead of singing. (unskilled people can use the hand out index finger to help the picture pat)

17 Note African Thumb Piano

 Two, into the melody

Change the "tap" of the mouth into a melody and sing while beating the beat. (if you don't know the rhythm, you can also learn it by singing with a model, that is, singing along with the audio by tapping it once at the same time, and singing one sentence after another.)


Three, playing

Fix the rhythm and sing the melody, you can use the foot beat time slow performance, skilled and then according to their own situation step by step to speed up.


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