Guitar bag vs. guitar case

- Jun 11, 2019-

We mainly compare from two points, the first is security, in fact, the backpack is good, the guitar box is also good, the most vulgar use is to protect the guitar.

A good guitar backpack is actually not very different from a guitar case. Some guitar packs are also very thick, but the guitar case is expensive. Therefore, if we need to buy later, it is a good choice to choose a thicker backpack. The protection is similar to the guitar case.

Many people think that the luggage is more encrypted, so that it is waterproof and has better dry moisture. In fact, because of the many sponges, the good backpack has better isolation and can effectively absorb moisture. Many fabrics are also very waterproof (after all, we will not let the guitar stay in the rain for too long), the tightness of the guitar case. Not as good as a backpack.

Another point, everyone is simply looking good, so I think the luggage is better! In fact, the use of luggage, the greatest pain. First of all, the suitcase is very heavy, and it will be very hard to hold in one hand (unless you have a babysitter to hold it for you), and the design of the suitcase should not be carried on the body. The backpack is not, many backpacks are sponge liners, very light and can be carried on the body.

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