Guitar ukulele commonly used wood features

- Apr 19, 2019-


1.jpgAcacia: The tone is warm and heavy, with a mild sound like mahogany, but the high frequency is more prominent than the mahogany. Acacia wood has a high density, so the tone is brighter and the low frequency is weaker. Due to the oiliness of the wood, the high frequency will be slightly weakened.

Rosewood: The sound is sweet, the treble is bright and transparent, the bass is steady, and the sustain is good. The voice is clear and not turbid, and the finger is preferred. The treble bass has a large drop and the sound is more abundant, suitable for sweeping strings. The elasticity is good, the response to the low frequency is especially large, the medium and high frequency dynamics are good, and the softness is rich and varied.

                                                                           Spruce: The tone is bright and the resonance is good.

Maple: The sound is bright.

Mahogany: warm and rich in low frequency, good sound performance.