Have a Kalimba of Your Own

- Apr 15, 2019-

If you want to play some songs on kalimba, start now!

Playing kalimba may be a profound personal journey. Play brings me into myself, like taking a deep breath and diving into the bottom of a crystal clear pool. The shifts and worries of the world have disappeared, leaving me with any problems, challenges, successes and joys that may arise between me and my Kalimba.

However, in general, we like to share this deep space with another special person. The grandmother wants to play with her grandson, or the father wants to play with his children. A high school student wants to play with her best friend. Players may want to share their Karimba with their loved ones.

Koa Wood 17 Note Kalimba Thumb Piano

Kalimba is naturally a very sweet and sensitive African folk instrument. It can be used primarily for personal entertainment – in a busy, noisy world, only you can hear or want to hear the soft sound of your kalimba.

However, it is not always the case. Sometimes you may want to hear your voice in the noise of street noise, singers or other musicians. Almost every kalimba player instrument can be used with a kalimba

“resonator” or a variety of amplifiers using a simple kalimba amplification method.

17 Note Kalimba Bag

Once you understand the principle, you can find the amplifier anywhere. A sure way to gracefully and creatively magnify your kalimba sound is to obtain a tambourine or tambourine as a resonator. Let our tips inspire you to share your kalimba sound with pride.

Come and buy a kalimba that belongs to you. I believe it will bring you happiness.

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