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- Apr 09, 2019-

Like any other instrument, the ukulele needs proper protection to be viewed and functioning in its original way. It is a shame to improvise under the right conditions and not to store or transport your ukulele, because you run the risk of destroying its charm.

If you arrive where you need to go, just to be aware that your instrument is damaged, it will be very bad. So instead of just choosing any situation you can find, decide to buy a special ukulele bag.

Although the guitar case looks right, the ukulele is a different instrument, even if it is related to a guitar. It may be difficult to believe that small differences between storage and shipping bags can cause any damage, but the truth is that they can do it. Your ukulele has only a small amount of space to move to avoid damage, and in most cases, the instrument has the most exposed head.

Mahogany Concert Ukulele With Aquila Strings

If you choose to invest in the right ukulele box from the start, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the instrument, you don’t have to worry about investing again soon.

The Height’s ukulele bag makes it easy to put all your ukulele equipment in one bag. The large front pocket is perfect for music or brochures; the long jacket pocket is perfect for anything, including cymbals, cables and strings.

Many people prefer to place an outer bag on the outer casing to be able to store small but important items. If you are part of this group, then you will fall in love with this ukulele bag. Suitable for any Ukulele type and size, this padded bag is available in different sizes of external pockets, giving you all the extra storage you need.

It also comes with two adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort when you ride the ukulele. It has a handle to carry your instrument with you, and it catches it well when it’s not on your shoulder.

What are you thinking about? Come to Height and buy a ukulele.

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