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- Apr 06, 2019-

At Height, we are obsessed with creating a complete system to keep all board games, tabletop games, dice games, card games and miniature models/ figurines protected, easy to access and ready to use. Our bags can be used standalone or as a complete system. Use Vault duffle directly with your board game box, with our Game bag or in combination.

The Height system is a smart, adaptable, modular, customizable bag and travel accessory for board game enthusiasts. Our unique system has been popular with cards, dice and board game.We are located in China, designing and manufacturing our own products.

Each Height bag has a special protective pocket for board games; the standard Height bag can hold 5 standard board game or 10-30 small board games and other accessories, including dice, tokens, spells and other game widgets. All Height board game carrying bags ensure that the original owner does not suffer from material and workmanship defects during the life of the product.

Tabletop Game Storage Bag

Our custom made bags, suitcases and other tabletop/board games travel and protection accessories have lifetime guarantees, durable, highly waterproof fabrics, protection, impact resistant EVA foam, high quality metal fittings, self-healing zippers, and a variety of pockets and pouches. And the compartment can carry all the board games, including chessboards, dice, card games and more.

For those who take the game seriously, our travel bags and carrying cases are an amazing gift. The Height board game bag and case are highly waterproof, giving you a choice of organizing and transporting your favorite board games.

The Height board game bag can help you take care of your favorite games and equipment! Use Height carrying cases, covers, bags, etc. to protect your games, cards, miniatures, gadgets and other equipment safely, accessible and travel ready.

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