Height music kalimba bags to protect and maintain your kalimbas

- Dec 14, 2018-

Nowadays Kalimba gets more and more popular as its easy to play and have very nice sound. While Kalimba are made of solid wood like mahogany or KOA wood,so the wood will be easily damaged understand sudden change temperature or environment. So we need to well maintain our Kalimba to keep it work well and in good condition.

You may puzzled how to take care of our Kalimba? Dont worry,we have a good suggestion,its easy and economic way to maintain your lovely thumb piano.

The way is to use a good quality Kalimba bag like our HEIGHT Kalimba bag which specially designed for Kalimbas,we have 17 note Kalimba bag,10 note Kalimba bag and 15 key Kalimba. They are made of high quality nylon polyester fabric with 8mm thickness sponge,so its strong and durable to protect Kalimbas from damage. 

Here are some new HEIGHT  Kalimba bags for your reference.

differ size kalimba bag

Kalimba Bag for 10/15/17 note kalimba

15 note alto kalimba bag

15 not alto kalimba bag

We are bag factory,so we can print your logo for OEM bag order or produce based on your design. Thus if you lay any interests ,do freely contact us through our website.

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