Height Music New 17 note and 10 note Kalimba-the Butterfly Series

- Nov 18, 2018-

Hello dear Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd client,this is Queena from Height Musical Instrument’s news department again to meet all of you.Wish all of you the best!

Today we are happy to share with you our new kalimba models,we call it Butterfly. In this post ,we will introduce you our butterfly kalimba and descripe the special function or unique advantage of it for you.


Butterfly Kalimba Series

It mainly including 2 sizes and with 5 models . For size,they are 10 note butterfly kalimba and 17 note butterfly kalimba.For 8 models in differ shape and differ material,they are Butterfly koa wood 17 key kalimba instrument,Butterfly Mahogany wood 17 key kalimba, Butterfly Mahogany wood 17 key kalimba in round shape with chain ,Butterfly Mahogany wood 17 key kalimba in round shape with chain and Mahogany wood 10 keys kalimba.


First ,let me show you some picture of them.

17 note mahogany kalimba 17 keys koa wood kalimba


17 note kalimba with mahogany and koa wood           

17 note kalimba with mahogany and koa wood in round shape with chain

10 note mahogany kalimba

                        10 note butterfly kalimba in mahogany woodhieght butterfly kalimbas

Design Concept

Meaning of the butterfly kalimba design------Break the Cocoon into A Butterfly

Symbolize ------From Ignorance to Transcendence

Height Musicals wishes

  This is an easy learn music instrument,and we wish through height kalimba,you will never afraid to play in front of peoples,you will turn into a very talent and happy butterfly to enjoy the joy of music and even your life. Keep trying and keep happy!

  In all, we wish you will like our new butterfly kalimba and do freely share us your suggestions and comments to our service e-mail : sales@heightindustry.com, also if you are interested in our new design kalimba, do freely contact us, we wil be happy to answer all your questions and assist you for each steps.


Wish you all a great day ,see you soon.

Height Musical Instrument News Department