How do you carry your board game when you go to other places to play?

- Apr 08, 2019-

How do you carry your board game when you go to other places to play?We have used a variety of options when we are away from family vacations, big family gatherings or game nights.They include plastic tote bags, cloth bags and standard duffel bags.But these options severely limit the number of games we can take and do not protect the game wellRecently,I will introduction a board game bag from Height for you, now the problem is solved!

Fit lots of games

With Height’s board game bag, we don’t have to worry about reducing our game options. And we don’t have to worry about the game bag being frightened.As you can see in our Official website .The Height board game bag can be adapted to a range of games.

The bottom size of the bag is slightly larger than the standard size game bag used in many modern board games (often referred to as the “ticket size ride”). So bags of these sizes can be stacked together.For a slightly longer game bg, they can stand in the end.Of course, many small bags can be placed comfortably.The side pockets are perfect for tossing in small card games.

Geek Backpack For Board Game

Well protected

The structure of Height bag is also very good.The extra padding around the zipper area is very beautiful and meticulous.It’s like people who design bags really know what they created for it! (Of course they did / do).For beginners, the fabric used to make the bag is great.It is called the Cordura Fabric. Even if I don’t know much about the difference in fabric (I haven’t heard of Cordura before), just treat it and you can say it’s durable. It is also waterproof.

But better than fabric is the pad around the bag – including the top and bottom. The thick foam pad is perfect for protecting all the games inside.In addition, the zipper won’t even touch the game.That’s because there is an extra pad in the double zipper.

Therefore, even if your game moves slightly within the game pack during shipping, they will be well protected and will not be,the Height’s board game bag is the best choose to buy.

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