How much do you know about ukulele?

- May 21, 2020-

A harp position


Place the lower side of the case near the bottom on the right thigh;

The upper side of the case is close to the chest;

The right arm presses against the piano case;

The left-hand holds the neck, the neck slightly up 15-20 degrees.

Station appearance is:

1. Keep the piano case close to the body;

2. Clamp the piano case between arm and body (keep the case from falling down);

3. Lift the neck with your left hand.

Ps: when playing the ukulele is easy to fall down, you can use the ukulele strap.

The left-hand position



1. Press the string with your fingertips vertically downward, and do not touch other strings that are not pressed;

2. Keep your fingertips as close to the product wire as possible, but do not touch or exceed the


On the back:

1. Place the thumb and fingerboard perpendicular to the back of the neck and close to the neck;

2. Slightly bend the wrist, the tiger mouth is best not to contact the neck.

The right-hand posture



Broken chord:

1. After taking the violin, the strings are from bottom to top: the first string, the second string, the third-string and the fourth string;

2. Usually, the thumb plays the fourth string, the index finger the third string, and the middle finger the second string the ring finger the first string.


Sweep the string:

1. Before sweeping, extend the index finger and shorten the thumb;

2. When sweeping down, quickly rotate the wrist and sweep down with the fingernail on the index finger;

Shorten your index finger and extend your thumb before sweeping up.

4. When sweeping up, quickly rotate the wrist and sweep up the string with the thumbnail position.

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