How Much Does Learning A Musical Instrument Influence A Person?

- Mar 04, 2019-

How much influence does learning a musical instrument have on people?

For most of us, this topic may be unanswerable.

Because we grew up in an exam-oriented education environment, we seldom had the opportunity to systematically learn a certain musical instrument when we were young. It's harder to learn when you grow up.

But Musical Instruments, and other small things are not the same, in the west, family education good children, from an early age to learn a musical instrument.

Besides investing, Buffett is a great Ukulele player.


Why do we want our children to learn a musical instrument?

To make him a performer?

In order to give him more skills to make a living?

Or worry about his academic class is bad, can take an examination of art school?

Probably not.

We let the children learn a musical instrument, is to hope that they enjoy the beautiful melody at the same time, can sink down to the heart, more focused, rigorous treatment of a thing; In the continuous practice, develop the character of diligence, down-to-earth, perseverance.


The significance of learning a musical instrument has long gone beyond the scope of learning a specialty, but more like a kind of spiritual companionship and character training. A taste for life and a lifelong hobby. In the process of growing up, learn to grow up, learn to overcome, learn to be diligent, learn to sink down, learn to adhere to the dream is not two-hearted, learn to be rigorous. In fact, it is a kind of character training and awakening.



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