How should a beginner choose the right ukulele?

- Jun 24, 2020-

Now more and more people want to learn some musical instruments to entertain themselves. Ukuleles and guitars have become the choice of most people. So, as a beginner who loves Ukulele, how to buy Ukulele? In fact, you only need to select according to the following points~

Ukulele size

Common Ukuleles come in four sizes, each with different usages and characteristics, so be sure to choose carefully!

1. Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano ukulele is clear, 21 inches, about 53 cm. Because the price is usually cheaper, and the small size is easy to carry, it is very popular with beginners. Although there are only 12-15 fretwire, it can meet the needs of general playing and singing. If it is for beginners or children considering buying a ukulele, this is the most suitable!


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2. Concert Ukulele

The alto ukulele is 23 inches, about 58 cm, and the playing method is the same as 21 inches. Because the body is a little bit bigger, if the fingers are thicker and you don’t want to play 21 inches until the fingers can’t be squeezed, the concert ukulele is a better choice. Its advantage is that there are 15-18 fretwire, so the range is relatively wide, and the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive than treble ukulele.


3. Tenor Ukulele

It is usually 26 inches, about 66 cm. Due to the larger size, if the alto ukulele is still too small for your fingers, you may choose this one. In addition, he has more guitars than alto ukulele, and the range is more complete. If you want to challenge more different tracks, the alto ukulele is more suitable for you.

4. U Bass Ukulele

U Bass Ukulele is generally 30 inches. This Ukulele is the least used, and it is rare in the market, not suitable for beginners, so I will skip it here.

Plastic ukuleles often appear on the market. If you just want to buy them as toy playing, buying plastic is harmless, and some even look pretty cool. However, the plastic ukulele is often of low quality, and the pitch, sound quality and even the paint on it may be problematic. So if you really like music and want to enjoy it, you must buy a wooden ukulele!

Different woods have their own unique shades, patterns and sounds. For beginners, personal experience is really not too entangled in which kind of wood to choose, as long as the wood is liked at first glance, and the sound is good when you pick up the hand. Because of this, it is recommended that you buy Ukulele personally and go to the instrument store to choose. If you buy online, it is easy to buy unsatisfactory instruments.

There are several ukulele common wood introductions below:

Mahogany: Hard, beautiful, and warm in tone.

Acacia: A more advanced wood for making ukuleles. The sound is similar to that of mahogany, but it is fuller and more prominent, and the lines are very beautiful.

Spruce: lighter colors, prominent patterns, and louder sounds.

Rosewood: high density, high hardness, long service life, and rich tone.

Sapele: Straight lines are more, the price is cheaper.

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