How to buy a perfect ukulele?

- Dec 06, 2018-

Every music lover wants to play the instrument very well like others played in stage, and same for ukulele lovers. While before learning ukulele,the most important thing is select a perfect and suitable ukulele for ourselves,so you may ask what should I do to select and buy a perfect ukuleles? Here below are 3 suggestions for you, hope it helps.


Ukulele size material selection

Ukulele is available in 21, 23, and 26 sizes. The 21-inch is suitable for playing, the 26-inch is suitable for fingering, and the 23-inch is suitable for both. Wood has peach, Sapele, spruce, etc. The sounds of different sizes or woods will be different. Beginners can choose 23-inch peach wood.


Ukulele workmanship selection

The solid wood veneer has better sustain and the sound is more solid and stable. The single-sound resonance box is made of natural solid wood. Compared with the plywood, the internal structure is naturally compact, and it can achieve better resonance and sound. Under the same conditions, the solid ukulele is better than the plywood in terms of tone and quality.

You can also select ukulele from our website as we mainly focus on producing high quality ukuleles with favorable price range and our factory mainly do OEM service for lots of overseas famous brand. To know more about our ukulele,you can click the below pictures for more information.

height music concert ukulele


Ukulele price selection

For beginner instruments, you don't have to choose a price that is too high. In view of the price range of ukulele in the tens to thousands, it is recommended to choose above RMB300 for the beginner configuration, too low-end ukulele, the sound is not good when you practice, feel uncomfortable, it is easy to put interest I have been wiped out.


The above three way are the most common way to select a nice ukulele,hope it will do some help for you.


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