How to buy a thumb piano for beginners?

- Jun 16, 2020-

Seeing the thumb piano, I feel that the sound is very good, but I don’t know how to choose it,Amazon have all kinds of kalimbas. If you want to buy Kalimpa recently, I hope this article can give you some help.

10 notes or 17 notes thumb piano? The most commonly seen on the market today are the 10-tone and 17-tone thumb pianos, in addition to the 15-key G key, but the 17-tone piano is still recommended. Because for the group of beginners, your needs must be a place to learn. 10-tone thumb piano? Because of the narrow range, there are too few people playing the 10-tone thumb piano, too few scores, and few people communicating. Now everyone basically plays the 17-note thumb piano, so there are many scores and there are a lot of people who can communicate.

In addition, because the 10-note key is wider, it sounds deeper. In fact, it sounds very good, but when recorded, it feels like the steel dial.


Kalimba 10 Note

 Solid Mahogany Wood thumb piano

About wood? Let me talk about my opinion on KOA wood and Mahogany wood. The KOA wood is relatively heavy, and the sound of the kalimba is small, but the sustain is very long; the mahogany wood is light, so the sound of the kalimba is large, but the sustain is not as long as the KOA. But these are the conclusions drawn from the comparison of the same brand. There will be differences between different brands, so wood is not the only determinant of sound.


Solid Koa Wood thumb piano

17 Keys Double Side Kalimba

The influence of the keys and the factory's craftsmanship are also very important. In addition, the sound preferences are different for everyone. If have the conditions, you can let the Amazon store owner record a different thumb piano for you.

Wanna buy an electric kalimba?

Personal advice is not. The electric box kalimba is almost double the price, but only one more electric box? And how many people need to perform with the thumb piano? At that time, just buy a patch pickup and add it yourself.

In fact, it is not difficult to buy a thumb piano. After understanding the key elements, you can naturally find a thumb piano suitable for you.

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