How to buy and choose thumb piano kalimba

- Jul 07, 2020-

First,wood materials

There are 5 main types of kalimba wood: mahogany, KOA acacia, camphorwood, hedgehog mahogany, Okoume and so on.

Mahogany: It is the most widely distributed wood in the world, mostly in Africa (the texture of mahogany is very good, and it is easy to paint. It is very suitable for making kalimba) The quality of kalimba made of mahogany, warm and perfect, warm and rich in low frequency, with very good sustain characteristics.

Kalimba 17 Key

Kalimba Mbira African Mahogany Thumb Piano

KOA Acacia: There are several grades of Acacia wood (high-grade Acacia wood texture, showing flames) It has a gentle sound similar to mahogany, but the high frequency is much better than mahogany wood,that is to highlight, better, brighter than the mahogany wood, and a more granular sound.

Next, Acacia wood has a higher density than mahogany wood and better sound transmission, so the sound is brighter and the low frequency is weaker.

Second, the sound field

The metal shrapnel on the top of Kalymba indicates his range. The more shrapnel, the wider the range of Kalimba. The types of sound ranges available in the market are 17-tone, 15-tone, 10-tone, 8-tone. , 5 tones, etc.

17-tone kalimba: (features: wide sound range, multiple styles) is the most styles on the market, the most selective shape (at the same time, it is the most recommended one for me to buy)

17-tone, as the name implies, there are 17 shrapnels, which are more than 10-tone, 8-tone, 5-tone, etc. in terms of sound range, the songs that can be played are the most, but the price is also more expensive than other styles

17 Keys Bamboo Kalimba

10 Note Kalimba Instrument

10-tone kalimba: (features: few styles, low range)

Fewer styles: Now fewer manufacturers are making production and R&D, then the product styles appearing in the market are fewer, so the appearance is less selective.

Third, Kalimba buying skills!

1.Color: Choose a color you like. Generally, there are several colors of the same model of Kalimba. If there is no music store in your city, it is recommended to go to Amazon.

2. Price: The prices of kalimba in the market are very unstable. The prices of offline stores are generally similar to those on the Internet. The prices of kalimba are not very expensive instruments. They can be purchased online (all are clearly priced), You can shop around!

Tips: The lowest price of Kalimba is not necessarily the best. You must take into account the store's reputation, service attitude, and after-sales service. Therefore, it is recommended that if you are buying in a music store, you must play the music yourself and find the one you like.

Kalimba Beginners Use

17 Tones Finger Piano Kalimba

3. Appearance: Observe whether the front panel and bottom side panel of the thumb piano are scratched. When selecting the kalimba, it is recommended to play through all the keys to listen to whether there is any noise.

4. Kalimba keys: carefully observe whether the surface of the keys and screws are rusted, please do not buy if they are (maybe a product that is under inventory) In addition, remember to check whether the accessories in the box are complete, etc.

5. The number of keys: It is recommended to choose the 17-tone Kalimba, which has the strongest playability and the most songs that can be played.

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