How to Change Your Ukulele Strings?

- Apr 08, 2019-

Changing the Hawaiian ukulele string can be very painful when you first started, but re-adjusting the instrument can give you a new boost to the sound, and you will like it more when you’re done. In this guide, I will try to explain as best as possible how to rearrange your ukulele correctly.

4 Strings Concert Cutaway Top Solid Spruce

A) Remove the old ukulele strings

1. Release the tuning button (hook or nose) until the strings are loose or even loose.

2. After the rope is loose (or not injured), pass the rope through the bridge hole.

3. Now you can undo the ukulele string and safely delete the string. Repeat this for the four strings.

4.Are you a daring person? Some people just edit it while the string is still wrapped around the Ukulele. Then remove the two parts of the string (one at the head and the other at the bridge). Not suggested!

B) Place a new string on the Ukulele

1. Grab a new rope and pull it through the bridge hole. It doesn’t matter which side, but make sure the longest end and the shortest on the head side (2-3 inches or 5-7 cm at the bottom of the ukulele .

2.This is the most difficult step that most people are struggling with. Knot.

- Wrap the short side around the long side of the rope (2).

- Then wrap it twice (3 and 4).

- Rest the short side against the bridge and pull the long end tight so that it locks properly. This string won’t go anywhere!

3. Now adjust the tuning pins so that the holes align with the ukulele (pointing to the holes on the top and bottom of the ukulele).

4. Pass the long end of the string through the entire string and pull back 2 or 3 notes. This will give us enough rope to wrap it around.

5. The last step! Wrap it around the tuning head: first wrap the top of the string and the rest is wrapped underneath it. Correctly and carefully trim any extra strings without cutting off the new string! Take it away from me, it happened.

C) Maintain coordination

In most cases, using the new strings you will notice that you have to retune it a few times before you play on your Ukulele. You can speed up the process by stretching them in the middle, but be careful. So stretch a few times, re-adjust, you should go well! If it’s an older ukulele or a brand new ukulele without any settings, then you may not be able to reconcile your ukulele. The solution to this problem is to tighten the bolts of the bolt head.

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