How to Choose a Cajon for Your Need?

- Apr 20, 2019-

Choosing the right cajon for you involves a process of discerning, adapting and providing the sound you want to create according to your needs. So what do you have to remember when buying drums?

First, you need to ask yourself some basic questions. Can you play? Or are you just addicted to the moment? When you choose the cajon that best suits your environment, as a performer, the venue you will play will also help narrow down your choices.

How is your budget limit? As with all instruments, you can buy cheaper products and custom-made hand-made products that offer richer sounds and richer sounds, but can also be paid in cash for other products. So are you a professional artist or hobbyist?

Once you have identified the parameters you want to work in; the next step is to explore the fun part of the drum, which reflects your voice and your unique signature style. What should I do? Simple.

Natural Wood Cajon Box with Bag

Look at the quality of the build: although the price reflects the quality, it is not always the case. Branding may be the reason for price increases (like all goods, from jeans to cars), but that doesn’t mean ignoring small businesses that might sell sophisticated products by more elaborately crafted products because they don’t enter Mass production. Learn how the instrument is built, details and surface treatment. According to most artists, high-density hardwood is the best building material because it adds some character, taste and sound to cajon.

View different brands: Don’t limit yourself to a single manufacturer or brand. Look around and listen to some drums before deciding on your final instrument.

Sound: Absolutely the most important part of lovers and professionals. Some Cajons are built specifically to add layers of sound and texture; others are used to provide a stronger bass line. The increase in drum sound clearly adds another layer of sophistication to the drum’s unique sound. Knowing the difference between what you want and the sound you want will help make the experience more valuable.

Cajon is a pleasant instrument. People who produce warmth, depth and unique sound, in the hands of percussionists, can bring happiness and happiness to those who are close at hand. However, the current flow of things has a long history. Choose wisely – because this will be your voice.

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