How to choose a suitable Ukulele bag for yourself

- Mar 28, 2019-

The ukulele instrument has been popularized by more and more people, everyone who play ukulele know that a ukulele, regardless of price, must be equipped with a suitable ukulele bag. But because the ukulele bag does not have a standard, system specifications, it makes a problem to buy a suitable ukulele bag .

Today, I will give you advice on how to choose a ukulele bag that suits you:

23 Inch Waterpoof Ukulele Bags

1.First determine the type and size of your ukulele. This size must be accurate. Common ukulele sizes are 21 inches (s type), 23 inches (c type), 26 inches (t type). , how many centimeters must be accurate, what is the width, and then the ukulele's longest and widest is reported to the ukulele seller, so they will recommend a suitable bag for you.

2. There are various types of ukulele bags in the market. These bags are designed to protect the instrument and make the instrument more portable. Therefore, the characteristics are generally divided into: thick ukulele bag, cotton ukulele bag, shockproof ukulele bag , waterproof ukulele bag, lightweight double-back ukulele bag and so on.

3. The choice of price should be based on your actual situation. For example, if you spend 500 yuan to buy ukulele, you don't need to spend 500 yuan to buy a bag!

Otherwise you spend 5,000 yuan to buy, then use 500 to buy a bag this should also reasonable, and the word of a penny of goods is to try it out, the price of a higher bag configuration is certainly better, the configuration here should be from the outer fabric, inside the shockproof.

The thickness of the compartment material, back air cushion, internal pillow, etc. In short, the higher the requirements for these configurations, the higher the price.

4. In the appearance and color selection, we must follow the principle of personal preference, so pay more attention to the choice of appearance.

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