How to choose thumb piano?

- Apr 03, 2020-

1. The number of keys.

The number of common keys for thumb pianos is 10 and 17 notes. In order to avoid the situation that the number of keys is not enough during thumb piano learning, it is recommended that you directly buy 17key thumb pianos.

Height Musical 10 keys & 17keys Kalimba Instrument

2.RESONANT BOX thumb piano (Kalimba).

The box thumb piano sounds louder and brighter, the body is hollow, and there are three sound holes on the piano. Beginners can choose box thumb piano.

3. Flat BOX thumb piano(Kalimba).

The body of the board piano is solid, the sound is relatively small and soft, and there is no soundhole on the thumb piano.

thumb kalimba

4. Material.

Mahogany wood: It is a relatively common wood, with clear wood texture, full sound, and very good sustain characteristics;

Koa wood: The density is higher than that of mahogany. The sound played is clear and thorough, the sound transmission is good, and the sound range is more balanced.

5. Ordinary section.

The ordinary thumb piano sounds softer, because the sound is relatively small, so it is more suitable for practice or performance, but not suitable for performance.

6. Electric thumb piano.

The electric thumb piano is the same as an ordinary thumb piano without plugging in. After plugging in, the sound can be amplified a lot, so if you often perform, you can choose an electric thumb piano.

7. OK, guys, when you buy thumb piano, you still have to choose according to your actual needs.

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