How to choose ukulele

- Jan 09, 2019-

1. Wood is the main question that everyone is now choosing Ukulele. There is no doubt that many top ukulele crafts and masters prefer ukulele wood for Hawaiian Acacia! Hawaii's most commonly used wood for ukulele is Hawaiian Acacia (KOA) and mahogany.

2. The more common wood materials in the domestic market are: mahogany (tone close to KOA), spruce (light is brighter), Taiwanese acacia (the shape is similar to KOA, pay attention to the price is much lower than KOA, you need to ask clearly)!

3. Regarding the workmanship, the first thing to look at is whether the appearance is symmetrical (the asymmetrical sound is not reflected correctly), and whether the silk will be hand-sliding while holding the neck. This is the most basic requirement for workmanship!

4. There are several aspects that work more novices can't notice when picking ukulele. For example, there are many small manufacturers in the country who are doing bumps because the technology is not good, and the sound reflection area is not generated. Correct, and the sound can not be properly popped out from the sound control, it will make the ukulele sound boring and small! So when you choose ukulele, you don’t just have to watch it.

5. About the shape is common, gourd shape, pineapple, triangle, pear shape.

It is recommended that novices use regular gourd shapes, which are the most average and most acceptable.

Pineapple is the first shape in the history of ukulele (more prominent bass, thick tone, long sustain)

Triangle (light tone, short sound)

Pear-shaped similar to gourd shape is less common