- Feb 15, 2019-

Ukulele has only become popular in recent yearsIt’s the first choice who is  interested in music, and have the desire to have a professional hobby.


1. Considering the budget price, if conditions permit, it is better to choose a piano whose price is above 300 yuan.


2. Do not be attracted only because of color appearance , do not buy a colorful one because of beautiful.Generally speaking, spray a thick layer of paint can not be used to cover up the lack of wood, and good wood is not willing to give it a thick layer of paint, this will affect its timbres, so it is best to buy the original xylophone.


3. How to buy a valuable and cost-effective musical instrument on the internet.Where the price seems to be about the same in the pictures, ranging from dozens to tens of thousands of yuan? At present, according to some official data,the ukulele of HEIGHT which has these brands to refer to in the introduction is all good. It is of exquisite workmanship and has a wonderful tone, and it doesn't hurt when pressed.


Edit by Hodor Wong