How to choose ukulele size

- Feb 18, 2020-

1, 21inch-Soprano : light and easy to take without burden, you can take it with your friends to play and sing at any time, but the range is more limited;

2, 23inch-Concert:medium or slightly thick fingers, or older elders to learn, you will need a large fret to press the string, choosing 21inch-Soprano ukulele fingers on the fingerboard will be crowded choosing 26 inch-Tenor ukulele may feel difficult to stand and hold, so the 23inch ukulele between 21inch-Soprano ukuleleand 26 inch-Tenor ukulele.

3, 26 inch-Tenor: the range is wider, if you want to choose the resonance that is suitable for playing, it will be a good choice! But the volume is relatively large, the fingerboard ratio is also wide, and the grade distance is long.

ukulele sizes

Ukulele historical origins:

In 1879, Portuguese craftsmen and instrument makers Manuel Nunes ,Joao Fernandes and Augustine Diascame to the Hawaiian. While working as sugar migrants in the sugarcane fields, they invented and developed the ukulele from their hometown. Hawaiians are not only surprised by the beautiful sound of ukulele,also by the fast movement of the player's finger on the fingerboard.

Since then, Hawaiians have called this ukulele, meaning "jumping flea".

Whatever the true story behind Ukulele, it has become the most popular instrument in Hawaii. This is mainly due to the three artisans mentioned above.

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