How to choose Violin Cello String Rosin (1)

- Oct 30, 2019-

The quality of the rosin does not require too much bow tension when the strings start to vibrate, especially for those bows that are only applied with a small amount of rosin. The basic principles of rosin are as follows:

1 Violin and viola player use a harder, drier rosin

2 cello players use medium strength rosin

3 Cello players use a soft texture of rosin. Another basic point is to know the material of the string of the strings you use:


If the core is made of metal, then the rosin with high hardness and dryness will be easier to play;

Relatively speaking, the core of the synthetic material, or the string of the gut, or the bare string of the sheep, then you need to use a softer rosin.

In addition, experienced performers prefer to use soft rosin when recording in the studio, and more high-hardness rosin in large concert halls.

High-hardness rosin is more suitable for use in areas with higher temperatures, and softer rosin is suitable for use in lower temperatures.

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