How To Find A Good Budget Ukulele?

- Apr 09, 2019-

The ukulele is a great instrument, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first ukulele. Next, I will try to help you by telling you what to pay attention to when purchasing a budget daylight saving time and how to set it up later.


Almost every budget ukulele has a gear adjustment button. The tuning key is one of the most important parts of the ukulele. If one of them is loose and cannot be adjusted, the entire ukulele becomes unplayable. When viewing the ukulele, please check carefully that they fit snugly in the ukulele head. Try adjusting the tuners and taking a closer look at whether they have not been restored to their original location. This is the most common problem I encountered when I looked at the budget ukulele. If the gear tuner is loose, you can try to tighten it with a Phillips screwdriver. Try to find the included tuning button, although the gear tuning button has seen a lot of improvements recently and is used in higher-end instruments.

21 Inch Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

Neck and Fingerboard

Moving down from the bedside table to the body, we found the neck and the fingerboard. Make sure the neck is straight. This can be easily checked by looking from the headstock to the body. You can also carry a ruler with you and put it on the sound. If the neck is completely straight, it should be in contact with each tone. Finding a straight-necked budget ukulele can be tricky, but they are there! Need a straight neck to avoid snoring.

The end of the timbre on the fingerboard needs to be smooth. Cheap ukuleles tend to have simple metal strips as sounds and sharp edges. This can make playing uncomfortable and irritating. The top of the timbre should be smooth as this will extend the life of the strings.


What is often forgotten when buying a Ukulele is the location of the bridge. This is very important because it will define the tone of the ukulele. Measure the distance from the nut (on the headstock) to the end of the fret plate to the fret 12. The distance from the sound column 12 to the saddle (in the bridge) is also measured. This distance should be more or less the same.


If you consider all of the above, it’s definitely possible to find a very good (and even great) ukulele that costs less than $100, which will bring you years of fun!

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