How to Fix Ukulele Buzzing?

- Apr 06, 2019-

Perhaps one problem that every ukulele player will encounter is that when you choose a string or play your ukulele, it will make a very annoying squeak or squeak. Fortunately, it (most of the time) makes it easy to identify the cause of the snoring and it only takes some time to fix it.

In this guide, I will try to explain to you what the main reason for the ukulele is and how to identify them. Of course I also tell you how to fix them。Some fixes are very simple, but some of them are a bit hard to fix and involve permanently modifying your ukulele. If you are not comfortable doing this, please bring your local instrument dealer!

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Find the buzz

Before fixing a beep, you need to know the source of it. Maybe it is not from strings? Pick or play the strings and listen carefully to the hum of your ukulele. It can be a tuner (headstock), a nut, a saddle, a bridge, a body or a sound column (=string hum). When you play or pick, friends can help you find the buzz.

Fix the buzz

Once you’ve found the buzz, you can read the appropriate section below to learn how to fix buzz. There may be several reasons. Feel free to read the entire guide.

Identify: When you hold your strings and catch up with your Ukulele, you hear the sound from the head of the head. Remedies:


•The main reason is in the lifting machine (or body) in loose hardware. Check the protruding device to approve and screw the screw.

•The gear may wear and need to be replaced.

•If you do not complete, then you do not have a hardware that does not have any hardware on Ukulele, make sure to tighten the screws.

Identify: When you disable the first sound, you don’t hear any clicks. When you apply pressure to the strings behind the nut (just before the tuner), you will hear a click.


The strings vibrate in the nut slot. This means that the groove may be too flat. The image below shows how to solve this problem by lowering the groove at an angle. This will make the single point pressure smaller.

In conclusion

I hope that the reasons and solutions explained above can help you get rid of the annoying buzz and wish you good luck!

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