How to maintain the ukulele?

- Feb 25, 2020-

Ukulele can also be called a "small guitar". Its shape is very similar to that of a guitar. It is a reduced version of the guitar. There are similarities in the way of playing, because the small size is very cute. Many friends who are new to musical instruments are very fond of ukulele. It is relatively simple to learn and easy to learn. But how to maintain the ukulele?

1. Play often

Play it often, as long as you play it, you will like it more, and it will also show its charm. If you leave it alone, after a while you will not like ukulele anymore, any instrument is the same.

2. Put in the ukulele bag

When not playing, put the ukulele in the bag. Do n’t just throw it away, take care, the more you take care of it, the more you are willing to play.

ukulele carry bags

ukulele bag soprano 2

3. Don't put it on the ground

When Ukulele is usually placed, you have to put it upright. Put the ukulele bag upright, do not lie flat on the ground, and handle it gently when using it.

4. Don't expose to the sun

When not playing, keep it in a clean, cool place. Don't let the sun shine, because the ukulele is made of wood, and the sun will explode the wooden body.

5. Don't get wet

Do not put ukuleles in damp places, because wood is extremely susceptible to moisture. That will affect the sound quality of ukulele, just place it in a clean and ventilated place.

6. Don't touch the ukulelewith wet hands

If your hands are wet, don't play them. Be sure to dry your hands before you can play. Don't let ukulele get a little bit of water all over your body. If your palms like to sweat, you must wipe off the sweat as soon as you sweat to continue playing.

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