How to Making a Kalimba?

- Apr 19, 2019-

This is the basic guide for making a kalimba. They have been produced in Africa (and some other places) for centuries and vary widely in shape, size and sound. They belong to a group of instruments called "Lamellophones", which are percussion instruments, although the sound is Mbira makes the sound more like a stringed instrument or "chordophone".

These are very interesting, you have quite a lot of freedom in design, the shape of the box will be the main thing to change, making the instrument look more attractive. You can also add a jacket of your choice to make it look better and more personal.

Try some designs. The purpose of this guide is not to follow specific things, such as the size of kalimba or the number of Tines (what you picked); rather, to look at the important rules that make sure it works, then do it yourself based on your own details. project.

Rubber Wood 17 Keys Kalimba

The kalimba type in this tutorial has a resonator box, a chamber that does the same thing as the guitar resonator box; it allows the sound to "bounce" inside, and there is only one hole in the front of the instrument that allows it to escape. The effect of this is that the pitch of the instrument will decrease and the vibration (and sound) will last longer to get a more enjoyable note.

Step 1: What You Need:Depending on the type of kalimba you make, the materials and tools required will vary.Step 2: The Box/resonator,Step 3: The Tines (Keys):These tines are fitted with tines of different lengths, each of which allows the same length of tines to produce different sounds. Make a note of the position of the tines in the other steps.Step 4: The Faceplate Assembly,Step 5: Attaching the Tines and Completing the Instrument,Step 6: Other Ideas! Step 7: The Bottle Kalimba,Step 8: Heart kalimba.

The last three steps in this tutorial show you how to make some slightly different kalimba compared to the teacher.

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