How to Overcome Cajon Box Practice Beat Instability

- Apr 27, 2019-

The unsteady beat is the inevitable problem for the novice when he starts to learn cajon box. The reasons for this problem are as follows:

1. There is no basis for rhythm;

2. Too excited or nervous;

3. Not used to hand and foot coordination.

Racquet instability not only refers to the instability of the speed in a racquet, but also includes the instability of the connection between each racquet and each racquet, resulting in the failure of the speed to be consistent for a long time.

Walnut Wood Cajon Music Drum Box

There are three tips to overcome this instability:

1. Getting used to metronomes. This is very important. Do not believe oneself too much is a genius, the practice of science is very important, basic foundation is solid, ability does not swim freely after ability is superabundant.

2.Beat the drums to your favorite music or song while keeping your feet on the right beat.

3. Learn to hum the rhythm. It is easier to understand the rhythm and remember the rhythm when humming.

With the above practice methods and your practice experience, I believe that everyone can become a drummer with a stable beat.

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