How to Overcome the Frustration in Playing Cajon Box

- Mar 28, 2019-

To learn any instrument well is not easy, and to be honest, learning a musical instrument is not a simple thing, in the practice of difficulties or setbacks is inevitable. Why some people can hold on, some people give up halfway? This is mainly because some people do not really like it, when these people find that learning this is not as easy and interesting as they imagine, it is easy to give up.


There is also the issue of aesthetic fatigue, learn to learn may be some people feel very boring, boring. In fact, the process of learning any musical instrument is boring. No one is in a state of excitement every day. They have achieved because they have persevered in spite of fatigue.


Learn to drum is also about fate, perhaps you do not have fate with it may be fate did not arrive. For a drum with no fate, or do not like it, do not force, the world can not be 100 percent of the people like it.


If you have confidence in yourself, also still like it, even if there are setbacks do not easily give up, in the midst of setbacks to continue to advance, do not give up halfway, after this stage will be harvested. There are often setbacks when you want to progress, there are setbacks is worth celebrating, that your technology to a new level. When you really into the rhythm of the world, you will enter into the state of freely, the unity of the drum, you will understand that the original drum is so enjoyable and interesting.


Learning to play a musical instrument has great significance in your life. It will be one of the most positive and healthy things you can do in your life. It will bring you endless fun.



Edit by Hodor Wong