How to paly cajon and Tips for Playing Cajon

- Apr 16, 2019-

How to play?

Do you still want to play Cajon? If so, then first get the basic knowledge about it. Only the enthusiasm for learning is not enough. You need to work hard. First, you should first understand the structure and type so that you can learn correctly. Only by understanding the structural meaning and role of each part can we perform well.

Cajon is basically a box of hardwood, and players usually sit during the game. A tone is produced when the wood strikes the surface of Cajon and resonates. Different types of wood have different tonal qualities. For example, hardwood provides a stronger and more accurate bass. Each wood has its own sound characteristics.

Portable Travel Cajon Drum

There are no specific rules for gameplay, but if you play with other musicians or bands, you need to be more cautious.

In this case, you must be consistent with others and start with the basic beat. Learning to play tricks is like learning a drum kit, or you can even use cajon pedals or Cajon Brush. From the basics, once you practice enough, you can take a more complex rhythm.

Tips for playing Cajon

The correct sitting position is very important for correctness and comfort. Don't let yourself get tired, don't cringe, keep your back straight. Use your Cajon as your seat and put your feet flat on the ground. It will help to learn more effectively and prevent back pain and fatigue. You may also need to occasionally move closer to your Cajon side, but make sure you don't do this often.

Apple Wood Cajon Drum

Cajon's two main tones are named Bass and Slap. When you start practicing, try to find both first. The improvement of the tone of your instrument is the direction you must work hard. Initially, you should spend more time in practice. Try to play all the different sides with different hardness and enjoy different tones and sounds.

To improve your speed and time, you can practice with the metronome.

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