How to play the tambourine

- Jan 10, 2020-

There are three basic performance poses.

1. Sitting on the chair, the drum body leans forward slightly, the feet are clamped to the drum, the back straight.

2. Attach the drum to the body with the strap, stand and clip the drum between the legs, and tilt the body slightly downward.

3. Place the drum on the ground and sit on it. It is important to note that before playing djembe, please remove the accessories on your hand to avoid hurting your hands and drums.


The basic sound editing hits the tambourine in different ways to produce different sounds, and the basic sound of the tambourine has three.

1, BASS (bass), put your fingers together and hit the center of the drum with your palm.

2, TONE (middle), put your fingers together, with the upper half of the palm of your hand Partially hit the drum.

3, SLAP (high pitch), the fingers spread out, hitting the drumhead with the impact of the bottom of the palm.

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