How to Practice Ornamented Note in Cajon Box

- Apr 25, 2019-

Ornamented note is more concerned about the novice, the feeling is very cool is very cool. It takes some practice and some experience. The so-called passing flower is the solo added when the song reaches a certain paragraph and requires changes. Generally in the chorus of the front will have a paragraph to add flowers, of course, other places according to your understanding of the song can also be added flowers, add good or bad need your experience. Flower can make the whole song rich and not monotonous, and can promote the emotional catharsis. So flowers are necessary.

If you want to practice adding flowers, you must have some basic skills, which is the premise of adding flowers.The easiest way to practice adding flowers is to type a basic rhythm for 3 bars and then insert the flowers in the fourth bar. And so on. Or start with the 7 bar basic rhythm and insert the flowers in the 8 bar. So even Numbers are comfortable.

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If you are practicing a two-beat cycle, you can arrange to add flowers in the fourth bar, or you can arrange to add flowers in the first two beats of the basic rhythm in the fourth bar and the last two beats. After the above exercises, you will have a general feeling of adding flowers. At this time, it is a good choice to find some songs to follow and play together according to the above rules.

If you add flowers to your improvisational design, the biggest taboo is to cover the whole bar with four consecutive notes, so the style of play will appear very rigid and monotonous. Good add flower should have certain connection with the song, include rhythm connection and affection connection. This kind of flower adds just to sound comfortable. Adding flowers is not the more difficult the more fancy is good. A good gasp should have room for a pause.

Add flowers to pay attention to the number of 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 beats and rhythm of the difference. Be careful not to add more or less time after the flowers. Counting time and flowers is a good idea.

Personal experience is the most critical factor affecting the quality of a ornamented note. So practice and practice are both important. Listening to music and experimenting with different rhythms and patterns are great ways to gain experience.

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