How to tell if silicone is environmentally friendly

- Aug 22, 2019-

First of all, from the aspect of hand feeling, the silicone rubber products produced by environmentally friendly silica gel are very good in toughness and elasticity. They are not easy to be permanently deformed by external force, and the hand feels smoother, while industrial grade or counterfeit silicone products It is easily deformed and rough to the touch, because the surface of the fake silicone does not have a layer of grease.


Secondly, in terms of characteristics, environmentally friendly silicone products are non-toxic and tasteless products with good texture and no harm to the human body. It is difficult to achieve these effects in general industrial silica gel and counterfeit silicone products. Counterfeit silicone products It is generally toxic and pungent, and it is rough!


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Industrial grade silica gel is generally formulated with a curing agent, the ratio is about 100:3, and environmentally friendly silica gel is generally two-component. Mixed use in a certain proportion, environmentally friendly silica gel is more delicate, can not be heavy metal ion contact, can not be mixed with industrial grade silica gel, otherwise it will produce poisoning and non-cure phenomenon.


At the same time, we can also burn true and false silica gel through flames. The fake silicone products emit black smoke when burning, and the residue is black powder. Real silicone products produce white smoke no matter what color is burned. The burning residue is white powder.


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