How to use ukulele straps

- Feb 11, 2020-

Ukulele is a 4-string Hawaiian plucked instrument. It was invented in Portugal and prevails in Hawaii. According to our understanding,there is a saying in the folk that this is a musical instrument that is suitable for adults and children, is nice and cute, and can stimulate rhythmic potential.And the customer of the wholesale ukulele told me that as long as it is in the hands, there is no song that will not play, which also fully illustrates the wide range of ukulele.


In order to make it more convenient for everyone to play this instrument, Height Music specially launched the Ukulele strap, which was approved by everyone within less than half a year, but some friends will not install and use it after buying the strap, so let me show you below.


The first Ukulele strap installation and use method:

The first step is to hang the ukulele strap around the neck; the second step is to place the ukulele on the chest, where you usually play; the third step is to hook the end of the strap to the sound hole, as shown below pictures like.


ukulele straps


The second Ukulele strap installation and use method:

If you have a tail peg at the bottom of the ukulele, place an opening in the belt into the bottom peg of the ukulele, the other end with a rope knotted at which side of the nut,as shown below pictures like.




Hope the above methods can help you, please contact Height Musical Instrument Co., ltd for more details.

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