How Ukulele uses the tuner to tune properly

- Jul 09, 2020-

Ukulele is a musical instrument that many people like. So how does Ukulele use the tuner to tune properly?


1. Ukulele has four strings, called A, E, C, G strings from bottom to top.

2. Understanding strings is the basic knowledge of tuning. Turn the tuner to the U, and the obvious U letter indicates successful adjustment.

3. The correct tone from top to bottom corresponding to the tuner should be G, C, E, A.

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4. Clip the tuner to the center of the ukulele head, string by string. Adjust the first string above, and twist the corresponding twist of the first string according to the tightness. According to the principle of tightening and loosening, we know that the pointer with the letter G on the tuner points to the center, and the tuner turns green, indicating that this string has been tuned.

5. Continue to tune the second string until the letter G appears in the tuner and the center of the pointer line turns green. The third-string is the letter E, the fourth string is just the letter A, and the tuning is complete.

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