In addition to playing ukulele, what other music skills or hobbies does Buffett have?

- Mar 15, 2019-

At present, although he has a son of a musician, in addition to ukulele, Buffy does not show much of his other musical skills. As for hobbies, maybe he still likes rock. In 2010, Buffett used to wear a long wig and a purple printed headscarf, wearing a black leather jacket and a Scottish plaid skirt. In the 1980s, the smash hit rock band "Gun and Rose" lead singer Ai Xier Rose's classic styling was unveiled at the annual meeting of Geico, his own auto insurance company. Although this appearance has achieved good publicity, but Buffett's singing level has not received much recognition, many people still think that he is a grandstanding.

About Buffett and Ukulele, there is so much information available. For me, in addition to continuing to sneak out more and more materials in this area, carefully read a biography of Buffett, carefully understand his value investment philosophy, and have more time to practice the piano may be more should be done.

I saw an article by Wu Bofan some time ago, and I was very impressed by a passage:

The National Academy of Education of the United States conducted a survey of more than 50,000 undergraduate graduates when comparing the art education of the 1999-2000 school year with the 2009-2010 school year. One of the questions is: "What knowledge is most useful?" The answer is quite intriguing. The most common answer for graduates who graduated from 1-5 years is “basic skills”. The most answered answer for graduation in 6-10 years is “fundamental principle”. The conclusion of graduation 11-15 years is the most “interpersonal relationship”, and the graduation is more than More than 16 years of graduates put forward: "Art is the most useful."

In fact, I would like to ask Buffett. For his success, how useful is Ukulele to play? At least in my opinion, ukulele and Buffett's value investment philosophy has many similarities. For example, ukulele is easier and easier to understand than other instruments; practicing piano should be disciplined, and it is not possible to fish for two days in three days; playing the piano requires long-term persistence, waiting for the bloom of roses, and can not expect quick, etc. Wait. If you have time, you can talk about it.