Introduction of the ukulele shoulder strap

- Oct 19, 2019-

The ukulele strap is roughly divided into two types, the sound hole is fixed and the tail nail is fixed.

The two fixing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the sound hole fixing method is that it is convenient. It is not necessary to modify the body. The disadvantage is that the fixing is not very stable.

If the hands are separated from the piano during the performance, it is easy to fall to both sides, and because the hook contacts the sound hole and It is very small, and some people have modified the hook into a circular groove to match the sound hole to avoid this situation, which has the risk of scratching or destroying the panel at the sound hole.

Polyester Ukulele Guitar Straps

The fixing method of the tail nail is the guitar hanging method, the hook hooks the lower edge of the sound hole, and then the strap is wound up from the back of the lower piano, and the neck can be hung, which is simple and practical. The piano is strong and the hands are free from pressure during the performance.

The effect of punching on the tone is theoretically influenced by the sound, but the effect is minimal, and the sound of the same model with and without the pickup can be compared.

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