Is it difficult to learn musical instruments?

- Aug 30, 2019-

In a sense, musical instruments are actually divided into two categories. One is simple entry (such as the most typical piano), and the other is difficult to get started.

In fact, most people will divide the instrument into simple and difficult ones, just because some instruments are easier to get started, or they seem simpler.

And at the end of the training, the final direction is: difficult

Even those instruments that are generally considered to be simple are hard to come by.

There are two major hurdles in learning musical instruments. The first is entry and the second is advanced. But getting started with this instrument does have difficulty.


The violin in the Western Ocean and the Huqin in the folk music are definitely difficult in the introduction of the instrument. Where is the difficulty of the instrument? A summary of the sentence is the difficulty of the control of the pitch and the right hand of the bow.

Strings are not only long-term wars or psychological warfare, but the sounds of pulling and pulling are different, other instruments can already perform, and you are still practicing.

From an entry point of view, simple instruments are:

1. Piano, just find the right button, it will pop up.

2. Triangle iron, as long as it can ring, it’s right.

3. The baton, as long as you can wave it, you are right.

4. Timpani, as long as it can ring, it’s right.

5. Guitar, just dial it and it will ring.


The more difficult instruments in the entry stage are

1. Violin, including violin, viola, cello, etc., may have been pulled for a year like sawing wood

2. No., including small, large, horn, trombone, etc., may have been practicing for several weeks and even blowing

So, is it really easy to get started with a simple instrument?

1. Piano, it’s like a concert.

2. The baton, when a conductor, researches such a score every day.

3. Timpani, sometimes you have to work hard to complete a performance

5. Guitar, you can’t stop it when you’re hooked up.

Every instrument is not simple, there is no comparability at all!

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