KOA Wood 17 Keys Thumb Piano

- Mar 09, 2019-

The thumb piano, originated in Africa 3,000 years ago, is a plucked type of body - sounding instrument. English name is Kalimba, Chinese translation of Kalimba, in Africa is usually played in religious ceremonies or social activities. It is said that its playing of music can not only drive away the evil spirits of patients, but also play the role of rain, so it is one of the most popular instruments in Zimbabwe.

Height Kalimba HT10MHeight Kalimba HT10M-1

Principle of sound production:

Thumb's early piano voice with bamboo or wooden body, to about 1000 years ago began using iron production, in the development of modern, started using high quality steel sheet metal, one is above the piano body lengths of shrapnel, it shows that range is wider, the more the number of the difference of the number and length of the thumb will make the range and the high is different, different pieces of metal fixed length on the front panel, the longest in the middle of the instrument, usually shorter is high, in the length of the order placed on both sides, play, with both hands holding a harp, then use two thumbs up to play, When the thumb is pressed and released, the steel plate vibrates and makes a sound.

The metal shrapnel on the top of carimba indicates his sound range. The more shrapnel there is, the wider the sound range will be. There are five, eight, ten, fifteen, seventeen and twenty. The more soundtracks, the wider the range. There are more songs to choose from.

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