Koa Wood Introduction

- Feb 18, 2019-

1Koa (Acacia koa), a rare hardwood species from Hawaii, is called Hawaiian Acacia trees. It is light brown, with beautiful wood grain and high-grade flaming lines.

It has a mild sound like mahogany, but his high frequency is more prominent than mahogany. Koa is denser than Mahogany, so the tone is brighter and the low frequency is weaker. Due to the oiliness of the wood, the high frequency is slightly weakened. In summary, the Koa tone is more focused on the intermediate frequency, the high frequency is smooth and compress, and the low frequency is clear but weak. Compared to other woods, the fundamental tone in the Koa tone is stronger, less dynamic and more compressible. When playing hard, the sound quality is sweet. The sound will only appear after the wood has been played for a few years. The color is a bit too bright, just like walnut has too much oil, use it as a guitar, the color is dark brown, and it is not painted to keep it special. However, the appearance after painting is also quite beautiful.